ntang (ntang) wrote,

I love Japanese translations.

So I was looking through the official English version of the San-X page (found on weetanya's LJ). I've got a friend (lilhlfpint) who's a big fan of Sanrio and so I was curious and went and look. It was worth it!

Listen to such gems as these:

"A burned chocorate bread. Chocorate on the head is also burned. It's so spoiled that often joins at the hip of Kogepan."

(I've heard native asian language speakers say words like chocolate so they sounded like they were replacing the l's with r's, but I've never seen it WRITTEN that way!)

"The spring limited one wth cute pink. Unlike the appearance and sweet & sour smell, it has got some nerves. Rich cream made from good shaped strawberries is inside."

"Innocent Afroken and its "moko moko" hair sumetimes surprise people. (Notice : Afroken just wanna get close to "moko moko" Afro-like-things, never mean to give any messages. ? This gap is its big charm.)"

(Afroken is a dog with a... a rainbow afro. His "voice"? According to the site, it's unknown - it "apparently speaks original Afro language".)

He has friends like Super-Afro Ken, Dreads Ken, Mohork Ken (I SWEAR that's how they spelled it!), and Reezen Ken (who looks like a dog with Elvis hair). The company hosted a night at a club, called Afro Ken Night.

"This event was no-charge to people with afro hair. Bunch of fanky afro guys got together."

Of course, you can't leave off sweet, sweet Amagurichan.

"Everybody loves natural-sweet and shiny broiled chestnuts. Since sweet broiled chestnut, we peel off shell and eat, got a burst hit, it has become a closer food for us. Such a topical character has arrived."

(Note the one on the right peeling itself so we can eat it and get our burst hits.)

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