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Another day done...

...my old friend came over today. He needed to use my computer to record some video (he's got a Sony digital camcorder but no firewire card to transfer the video with), and he brought his N64 and Perfect Dark, so we played that for a few hours while the video transferred and then was burnt onto cd's.

I'm still feeling like crap, but fortunately playing a video game is low-impact at best - I sat in a chair and we talked and laughed while we played, which was nice. Still, it left me with a bad headache and a mild bout of dizziness. I probably shouldn't have been out and up for that long, but I wasn't going to go take a nap with him sitting 5 feet away.

Anyways, playing Perfect Dark with him was a lot of fun - and his camcorder was freaking amazing. It's small and light, easily held in one hand, but it records video at ~720 x 480, 30 fps, stereo, and pretty damn nice quality. Since it's all digital, you can go frame by frame without any blurring or loss of detail, you can go slow mo forward or back, fast forward or reverse, all sorts of things - and record it onto your computer almost effortlessly.

We tried the software that came with it, and it sucked - it recorded AVI's only, at 100 megabytes per minute. Then we tried Microsoft Windows Movie Maker - and while it saves them in a proprietary format and is a little slower, the image quality was almost identical and the audio quality better, and the files were ONE TENTH of the size. So the 34 minutes of tape took ~350 megs instead of 3.5 gigs. Crazy. Too bad he's got nothing that can record it as an mpeg, but oh well.

So today was officially ok. It was fun hanging out with him, and impressive seeing his camcorder in action, but I still felt like crap and whatever. I didn't eat anything for breakfast or lunch as I was feeling kinda sick, and then ate too much for dinner because I was hungry (and it was fried, too, ugh) and so ended up feeling sick for a while afterwards. Now my stomach's calmed down some but I'm thinking I'll probably pass out soon. I feel so worn out. I hate being sick.
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