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Boggin. The closer we get to release the more I want to see those movies. I will admit I was never the hugest fan of the books, but I'm thinking it might be time to dig out my copies and re-read them - I last read them when I was around 12 or 13 and honestly probably just didn't have the patience to really appreciate them. I read a lot as a child but I'm seeing now that just understanding the words doesn't necessarily mean you can appreciate a book; I've reread books that annoyed or bored me as a child and finding them to be quite enjoyable now - they just require a bit more work than I'm used to putting into reading. I will admit, I don't like to work too hard to get through a book... I like to relax and unwind when I read. I like intelligent stories, to be sure, but I also like engaging, exciting stories, things that can be almost straightforward. (Then again, my definition of simple and straightforward don't mesh exactly with the average American's.)

Hmmm. The movies look good, though. I saw the preview of the movie tonight on Fox and it looked good... not as good as I hoped, in some ways, and I don't like all of the casting choices, but it looks good. I have to say, Cate Blanchett is really beautiful, and she's beautiful in the right way for an elf - I really like her as Galadriel. I'm not entirely sure about the way they made her up, esp. the ears, but I think she'll be ok. Ian McKellan is cool, I bet he'll make a good Gandalf, and of course Christopher Lee will be a great - if somewhat cheesy, I bet - Saruman. Still... the rest of the cast? I have doubts.

Elijah Wood? He might be a decent actor, I dunno, but he doesn't seem Frodoish to me. I like John Rhys-Davies but I hate the makeup job they did turning him into Gimli. I don't like Sean Bean as Boromir, and I don't like Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn. Orlando Bloom, I have no idea - he looks good for the part but I don't think I've ever seen him act before.

One thing that bugs me is the way the elves look - they have... pointy heads. They look like babies fresh after birth - their heads seem deformed. I don't like their ears either.

STILL... I really want to see the movies.

Simpsons quote from a tv ad (I may have messed it up, but it's close enough):
Mr Burns: Put my hand on her knee.
Homer: Ok.
Mr Burns: I said HER. And I said KNEE!

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