ntang (ntang) wrote,

U Washington Crackheads

Pine has had 3 releases in the past 2 weeks:

Pine 4.43 Nov 28, 2001
Pine 4.42 Nov 21, 2001
Pine 4.41 Nov 16, 2001

Maybe if they STOPPED and TESTED their SHIT before they RELEASED they wouldn't have to release a bug-fix every few days.

I like pine; it's my mail client of choice... but this makes it a really painful choice to make. I get more and more tempted to try out something else, like mutt, or whatever. I wonder if mutt has full imap and imaps support yet... last I checked Pine's imap support kicked mutt's ass. If you ignore the multitude of lame-ass bugs they include (for free!) in every version.

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