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Geekiness... leeching... away...

So I've been without DSL at home now for like a week. It's weird; I've started doing non-online things. I don't use my computer nearly as much. I dug out my Dreamcast and have been playing that some. I've been watching tv, which is something I hadn't done at home (excluding Giants games) for... well... I dunno, months? Years, if you mean on a regular basis?

I got to bed early, too, at like 12:30. I watched Seinfeld at 11, then the Drew Carey show at 11:30, then King of the Hill at 12. They were good. I miss Seinfeld, but I guess the show was getting tired (or at least the people involved were) by the end.

I wish I could get magical free HBO somehow, I don't want to pay for cable, esp. the packages that include HBO. I want HBO, the Food Network, the Cartoon Network, Comedy Central... and... well, local stations. That's about all I can think of that's worthwhile. I wouldn't mind some other channels - Discovery, or History, or whatever, but none of them are really necessary. HBO is good for movies, for shows like the Sopranos. The Food Network has Iron Chef and a lot of cooking shows I like (although I do really like the ones on PBS as well, and that's free). The Cartoon Network is more for the kids although I do like to watch the cartoons sometimes, and I like SGC2C. Comedy Central honestly tends to be pretty boring but has some cool stuff sometimes, and I'd like to be able to watch Southpark.

I think I can almost see my intelligence leeching away. I'm not even sure if I spelled leeching right. AAUUGGHHHH!!!!


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