ntang (ntang) wrote,

Har har...

Fooled me.

Inside wiring on the DSL isn't happening until next Monday. Even getting the outside wiring done a day early apparently wasn't enough to sneak an IW guy in pre-holiday. D'oh.

My phone service isn't getting cut over until next Tuesday. They apparently lost the record of my order and so when my dad called to see why it hadn't happened they said it was because they didn't have a record of the request. And of course since I did it online and my hotmail email was all wiped I don't have the order number any more.

So, in an apparent effort to preserve the tarnish on their reputation, Verizon has come up with a few big plays to undo any good will they had garnered after doing the initial wiring a day early.

*Phew*. For a second there I was getting nervous, I thought I might have to stop loathing them. Should've known I could trust them, though.

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