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A note on the meta-meme I mentioned...

...the whole point of that exercise would not be to link to my journal; that would be counter productive. If you want to do anything, discuss the ramifications of the meta-meme in your journal and link to the meme page. A meta-meme is a meme (a conceptual virus, to sum it up - i.e. a concept that spreads virally) about memes. The counter-meme was almost there; but to have everyone actually think about, and post about, and link to, the meme tracker, to spread an idealogical virus about the spread of idealogical virii would actually be something with an edge of irony and wit that I think would make much more sense. Even better, want to make it a little more amusing? Post a link to where you first read about it - where YOU first read about it, and then you can play the 7-degrees game by clicking from meta-meme post to meta-meme post, like those other random posts with one word linking to someone else's post with that one word.

Whatever you do, if you do something, think about it, and make it interesting. Don't be a sheep.

Sheep - they're what's for dinner!

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