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I've seen a lot of posts about the counter-meme, with people linking to it. Hmm. Great. What's the point?

I think it's stupid.

Yay, great. The only thing I see is the kick the guy who wrote it must get out of the fact that he was able to make thousands of people link to something that is, in effect, absolutely nothing.

A much more effective and amusing project, I think - and one that would not necessarily bring large amounts of notice or traffic to any one person - would be to get people to link to the meme page itself - a meta-meme, if you will.

There's nothing particularly witty or amusing about linking to that guy's post on the meme tracker. It's pointless, just an exercise in gullibility if you ask me. ("Hey, let's see how many people I can get to link to my LJ! I'll be famous!")

(meme /meem/ n.

[coined by analogy with `gene', by Richard Dawkins] An idea considered as a replicator, esp. with the connotation that memes parasitize people into propagating them much as viruses do. Used esp. in the phrase `meme complex' denoting a group of mutually supporting memes that form an organized belief system, such as a religion. This lexicon is an (epidemiological) vector of the `hacker subculture' meme complex; each entry might be considered a meme. However, `meme' is often misused to mean `meme complex'. Use of the term connotes acceptance of the idea that in humans (and presumably other tool- and language-using sophonts) cultural evolution by selection of adaptive ideas has superseded biological evolution by selection of hereditary traits. Hackers find this idea congenial for tolerably obvious reasons.

replicator n.

Any construct that acts to produce copies of itself; this could be a living organism, an idea (see meme), a program (see quine, worm, wabbit, fork bomb, and virus), a pattern in a cellular automaton (see life, sense 1), or (speculatively) a robot or nanobot. It is even claimed by some that Unix and C are the symbiotic halves of an extremely successful replicator; see Unix conspiracy.

meta /me't*/ or /may't*/ or (Commonwealth) /mee't*/ adj.,pref.

[from analytic philosophy] One level of description up. A metasyntactic variable is a variable in notation used to describe syntax, and meta-language is language used to describe language. This is difficult to explain briefly, but much hacker humor turns on deliberate confusion between meta-levels. See hacker humor.

From The Jargon File, a required reference for geeks. The amusing thing is how many terms in there most geeks manage to come up with on their own without prompting. For instance, I was referring to wrap-around (aka staying up long enough consistently enough that your schedule slowly wraps around the clock until it's back where you want it again...) back when I was in high school.)

Down with the counter-meme!

If you must promote something, promote the meta-meme.

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