ntang (ntang) wrote,

Mmmm... yummy.

To take a break from the angst: mmmmmm. Food good.

Got samosas (2 - stuffed with potatoes and peas), a piece of naan, rice, and chicken tikka masala.

Mmm... soooo soo good. I've stuffed myself halfway-silly and I haven't even started in on the rice, just the samosas (with a nice mint sauce and a nice spicy fruity sweet sauce) and then naan dipped in the masala and with an occasional bite of chicken.

Of course, for almost $13 (including $1.25 coke from a local deli), it OUGHT to be more food than I can eat, but it is. :) This'll make a good 2nd lunch in a couple of days. Er, 2nd as in I'll get a 2nd lunch oiut of it, not 2nd in the sense that I eat 2 lunches a day. ;)

Oh and get this - my dad went to the chinese grocery and while there picked up steamed and baked cha siu bao! Oh, heaven!

I'm such a food slut. Give me yummies, I'm happy.

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