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Good article.


Thanks to asrai_d for the linkage.

Of course, this part gets me:

Seven and a half million people at risk of dying in a matter of months. That's three times the number of people Pol Pot took years to kill. Thirty-five times the number that died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, combined. If 5,000 died on September 11, we're talking the equivalent number of deaths to ten World Trade Centers, every day, for 150 days.

Yeah. That's also less than ONE QUARTER of the estimates of the number of Chinese killed by the Japanese in WWII - not soldiers, mind you, but civilians. So yes, I am completely and utterly opposed to letting those nearly 8 million die in Afghanistan, but FUCK YOU, you stupid western world, that not a single fucking western person remembers any of the people that were raped or tortured or killed in asia by the Japanese, worse than the Nazis could've dreamed of being. That's right, we're just fucking chinks, who gives a shit if they kill 35,000,000 of us.

And screw the goddamn politicians who are ready to sacrifice every innocent civilian in Afghanistan for the sake of getting their fucking revenge on bin Laden, and screw all the warmongers that think that we're a bunch of pinko commie bastards for being intelligent enough to see that this fucking farce of a war is wrong.

Fuck you all.

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