ntang (ntang) wrote,

The Tick

I watched The Tick tonight. I don't usually watch tv, but I went out to talk to my dad and it was on Fox - the Family Guy, which I like, so I watched that first, and then stayed for the Tick.

It was funny, but missing that edge - the jokes made it halfway there but lost momentum before they delivered. Rather like most shows, actually.

It reminded me a bit of Mystery Men - almost really funny, but instead just sort of amusing. There were a few parts that made me laugh or chuckle or whatnot, but too few.

The show starts with the Tick (played by the guy from Seinfeld, the one who played.... Puddy or whatever the hell his nickname was) at a Bus station, being an idiot, and then going to The City (hehe) since he's done at the station. He runs into Arthur, who's just been fired from his job as an accountant, and together they save Jimmy Carter from a Russian killer robot from 1979.

It was amusing, but had so much potential to be so much better. They did get a nice attitude to the show, though, if they could just deliver the jokes a little better, get a little more snap in it, sharpen up some of the little barbs... it could be a really excellent show.

But either way I don't think most people are going to appreciate the sense of humor - I give it 6 weeks.

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