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Wham, bam, thank you ma'am

Hah, good news for a change!

So I wrote a letter and included the check for rent this month, and the mgmt office sent back a letter saying they were going to apply $100 to my last month's rent, $100 to next month's rent, and the rest to this month's rent. Well, I called them up and asked what the hell that was about, as I had paid my last month in full. They said my rent was supposed to take a hike Oct. 1st and I said it was NOT and that it wasn't supposed to until November 1st. So she thought about it for a minute and then said that hey, since I've been so patient as they juggled me around and shifted schedules, that she'd scratch the whole rent increase and on top of that let me pay the old pre-hike rent for this month as well... so I ended up saving $300 off my rent for this month! Woo woo. :)

(The new 3 bedroom is $300 more expensive than the current 2 bedroom we're in; the rent hike would've raised the rent on this apartment by $100; I'm getting out of all of it and just paying my old rent even though we'll be in the new apartment this weekend.)

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