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Dum de dum...

...so the building management leaves me a note today saying my rent is past due and I've got a 10% penalty applied to it, as it's after the 5th. That'd be fine, as those are the terms of the lease.

However - HOWEVER - the head person in the management office told me not to pay yet as they hadn't gotten me into the new place, so she'd split the difference in rent with me - i.e. if it took me 2 weeks to get in I'd pay 2 weeks of the old rent and 2 weeks of the new. Fine.

So what now? Now I'm sending them a check for the full amount along with an annoyed letter. I expect a little taken out of my next month's rent. So annoying.

Normally they're so good downstairs, but recently they've just been stupid. I dunno why. I have a headache.

Oh, and M's birthday went well. I'll post pics later tonight or maybe in a few days. Tired.

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