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People annoy me. Ok, not all people, just a lot of them.

Someone posted in interracial about how he dates mostly Asians and how he's been accused of various things by black women (since he's black). I responded, quickly, and perhaps I should have taken the time to be more explicit. After a week of it sitting there, that70sboy suddenly leaps in and starts attacking me for what the comment I made, which was not, incidentally, intended to attack or accuse the poster of anything. It really annoys me, not because he defended him, but because he took my words out of context and misinterpreted them, and then as I attempted to explain myself continued to do it.

I don't like it when misinterpret what I say, but it happens, and such is life. It really annoys me when someone continues to do it, even as I go back and explain myself more thoroughly. Once, twice maybe, is a mistake, but when you persist in doing it then you're deliberately misinterpreting things (or stupid :P ) and I just don't have the energy nowadays to engage in a pointless debate with someone who can't be bothered to even read what I actually wrote.

The problem is that I've been so on edge for so long because of everything going on that I don't bite my tongue when I should; I let idiots goad me into fights and throw myself into them with much too much gusto. I should just ignore them, but I can't, so I get involved in these ridiculous bullshit fights with idiots who aren't worth my time, get myself worked up over them, and get even more stressed out when it's the last fucking thing I need in the world.

Sigh, whatever. I need to take an anger management course or something, but it really rubs me the wrong way when people are fucking idiots. Life's bad enough without people deliberately make it more difficult and unpleasant, and when I see it happening I feel a need to jump in and bash heads in. Grrr.

(Oh, and for those who want to read it: http://www.livejournal.com/talkread.bml?itemid=13867277&thread=17712214)

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