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Ok, the Giants started off playing like shit (maybe that word isn't harsh enough), and were down 17-0. They score, then fuck up and the Cowboys score again, so it's 24-7 at the half (I think). Not looking good. Or so you'd think.

Then, finally, the Giants shook it off and came charging at the Cowboys and ran them the hell over. They shut down their offense, intercepted passes, blocked punts, AND Kerry Collins went from looking like a scared rookie quarterback to the seasoned pro that he is, avoided pressure, threw clean passes, and... final score, in overtime, 27-24, Giants win.

Oh yeah, baby, oh yeah. That was the best watch of all season, no other game has been as fun or exciting. I really thought the Giants had managed to throw away what should've been a definite win, going into the half down by 17, looking demoralized and shocked... but they rallied, and showed the stuff they're made out of. EXCELLENT!

So much fun to watch. Finally, the Giants are looking like a team that wants to win - really wants to win. Next game should be very interesting to see.

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