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The Sisters of Mercy rock.

I love the SOM. They're just so damn awesome. I saw them play live a few years back in NYC. That was really cool. They're one of the first goth bands I really got into, along with Fields of the Nephilim and Miranda Sex Garden (and if you count it as goth, and I don't, NIN).

My musical choice was fairly narrow for quite a while. I never was a big radio listener, and even then most radio stations tend to have narrow playlists anyways. I never watched MTV or VH-1 much, which would've at least broadened my horizons by showing me the full gamut of popular music, if not all of the good music (by far) that's out there. So for a long time I focused on a few artists and listened to them a lot, and since I had little money listened to the same songs over and over again.

When I got into goth music the same was true for a while. Since then, I've discovered the joys of mp3's, and now while I still have no good way of getting introduced to good music, I do at least have way of getting at it once I've discovered it.

What's the point of this post? That the SOM rock and I'm overtired. Word.
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