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Man, this is awesome. Got my daily email from Astrocenter (I subscribed a few weeks ago, because I never remembered to check my horoscope and I enjoy reading the bullshit).

Today you could be in the mood to make some new friends, Nicholas. A social, playful energy could be in the air. You might circulate amongst coworkers in a different department, and take some time to get to know these strangers. Or you might strike up a conversation with somebody interesting on the phone over the course of the day. You might exchange phone numbers and plan to get together for dinner or lunch one day.

That's obviously full of shit because I'm never sociable. So scratch that.

Then the "premium questions".

If I meet someone special now, will the relationship last?

[Forget it!] It's clearly the wrong day to begin a relationship. The Moon/Venus quincunx often brings about uncertainty and self-doubt. How about taking up a new hobby?

How will the planets influence my interactions with my colleagues?

[Poor] Chances are you'll be in a very bad mood at work. The Moon opposite your Natal Sun brings a dissonance that could cause confrontation and delicate situations for you. It's not worth trying to forge ahead at all costs - you're swimming against the tide!

How will the planetary movement affect the relationship with my children?

[Not so good] Today, the effect on your relationship is not really positive. The Moon could have a slightly disharmonious effect and might hinder progress, especially with regard to relationships. Being a parent is sometimes challenging!

Heh. So basically if I go out I'll meet someone new, but every relationship I have is going to be going through a rough spot, and not only will my relationship with my peers and friends and coworkers and children go to hell but I'll fuck up any relationship I get into. So... why exactly should I exchange phone numbers and plan to get together with them? :P

Horoscopes are funny, especially when the various aspects of them coming from the SAME PLACE aren't even consistent. Gives me a shitload of confidence in them. :)

Going to my biorhythm page, I can see that my physical and emotional curves are tightly linked but my intellectual curve is diametrically opposed to them - so basically when I'm feeling good physically and emotionally I'll be dull mentally and vice versa. Nice. Still, judging by it, in a few months they should slowly slide into alignment, and I guess according to it I'll have a bunch of really good days and then of course they'll slide out of alignment again. Bummer.

This stuff is cheesy but I will admit I read 'em anyways. I go looking for parallels in my life but they're so rarely accurate that it's quite obvious they're full of shit, but I persist anyways. They're good for entertainment value I s'pose.

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