ntang (ntang) wrote,


LJ's still down... man, we need to hire whippers to whip the admins. Lazy! LAZY! ;)

Had inari sushi for lunch today. Quick one... because I went to pick up free movie tickets for tonight!


6:20 Bridget Jones' Diary
8:30 American Pie 2
10:30 TBD ( Sleepy Hollow?)

This morning sucked. I was getting ready, got paged. Fixed it, watched it, got ready again. Had missed my bus. So I got on the 163 local. Spent an HOUR AND A HALF on the damn bus thanks to traffic and it being NJ Transit and sucking. Got to work way late.

At 4:30 I'm going to meet penchantnyc and his friend Ben and my brother in law and mage67 for dinner, and then we're seeing Bridget Jones' Diary. Then my brother in law and I are seeing 2 more movies afterwards, hehe. Nifty.

This morning I dug up emails to use as evidence vs. the junior admin in the case. What a stupid, stupid situation. I still can't believe him.

Now to work... bleh.
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