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I went to Kebab King and I decided to go crazy... got chicken curry with rice, a chicken kebab, and a piece of naan. The naan was fresh - the guy took the little ball of dough and slapped it around and baked it while I waited. Baked fast, too.

The chicken curry was very oily, but it seems to be hot oil - it was surprisingly spicy and my belly has that burbling warm feel. It was ok other than the fact that I was thinking I should've asked for more curry with my oil. Also, the guy put it in the bag sideways so it leaked all over, but fortunately it was mostly oil that leaked out. Maybe he did it intentionally as a way to skim the oil. *cough*

The naan was ok, but Joy (the place up on 28th or whatever where I get my chicken tikka masala) makes better naan.

The rice was rice.

The kebab tasted like a pork sausage or something kinda. I wonder if they gave me chicken. I think it was some other type of meat. Maybe that goat stuff they serve. The original one they got for me they dropped on the ground and maybe they guy who replaced it thought I ordered a goat kebab. It wasn't heated up either.

Still overall it was pretty good - a lot of food, too, although for $8.50 it better be. If I do it again, no kebab (saving me $1.50) and no oil in my eye.

Also, eating random bits of chicken and getting the meat off the bones without soaking your desk in sauce and bits of chicken and without breaking your silverware requires not using plasticware.

I hope you've learned your lesson.
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