ntang (ntang) wrote,


Once again proving that the pursuit of sleep is a futile one for me, I was paged awake at around 3 am last night, and then paged again at 3:30 or so just to make sure I was really awake.

Basically the oncall admin forgot to acknowledge the problem in Netsaint, and so the automatic problem escalation escalated the problem to the backup admin, namely, ME. Grrr. I bitched out the admin over email, as it's not the first time he's done it. Bloody hell, it was even the other senior admin, not like one of the juniors did it. It really pisses me off, it's so damn rude and inconsiderate. Forgetting once is one thing, but he's pulled this schtick a couple dozen times at least.


Between that, getting to bed later than I intended, and just not sleeping well, I'm feeling like complete and utter shite. Great. I can barely even keep my eyes open (I've currently got that squinty look on my face as I'm fighting to keep both eyes open simultaneously). Fortunately my typing skills aren't related to or dependant upon my eyesight.
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