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I discovered last night after I got home that the pants I wore yesterday had a hole in them. It wasn't a huge one, but it was large enough to be seen, and it wasn't in a compromising area, it was on the leg, but it still wasn't a good thing.

Now, it's certainly possible that most people didn't notice it, but I seriously doubt that no one saw it. Not a single person mentioned it.

That sort of annoys me. I hadn't noticed it before putting them on, and I wish someone had mentioned it - I wore them on Monday as well and they might've had that hole then too. People are too damn polite and too damn sensitive nowadays. If you see something, say it. Say it nicely, and be considerate, but be honest. Yeah, it'll embarrass or hurt or whatever when you say it, but it'll prevent a lot more hurt and/or embarrassment in the long run. If you're too afraid to point it out in person or don't want to announce it to the universe, tell me over aim or email. (Hell, tell 'em via email either way, it's much easier to take something embarrassing or painful (but true) over email than face to face, often, and it gives you more time to think about what you say to make sure your words are no more hurtful than they have to be to convey the truth.) By not telling me, you cause more embarrassment in the long run. Although I will admit other than a minute or two of fretting there was a noticeable lack of embarrassment on my part, things like that bother me less nowadays. The way I appear to other people in general matters less to me nowadays than it used to. I s'pose that's a good thing overall.

The moral of the story is: if you ever meet me and there's a hole in my pants, tell me.
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