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Oh, what a morning.

So it starts off shitty, and gets worse as time goes on. I was woken up around 6 am by the oncall admin's page, asking for help. Fine. I get online and read his emails to try to figure out what's wrong - it's the tape jukebox. His last email was an email saying that he wasn't sure how to fix it but that he was sure it could wait until people got in to be fixed, so he wasn't going to worry about it too much. Fair enough, especially since one of the drives in the jukebox was working, so it was still running backups, just half as fast since the other drive was down. (I think it was a case of a tape stuck in the 2nd drive... happens a lot, something's wrong with it and we're not sure what, yet.)

Except... wait... why did he page me asking for help if he had decided that it could wait until 9:30 am when someone was in? Apparently he decided to give up on it (he'd been on it for an hour and a half) but figured he'd bring me in just in case. I guess I can understand the reasoning there but being woken up makes me grumpy so it still pissed me off.

So I write an email to the sys admin group saying it looks like the tape got stuck in the drive again and will need someone to physically eject it, and logged off. The baby, in the background meanwhile was screaming. I went out and got J eating his breakfast, as it was now after 6:30 and into normal "wakeup time". While I got him breakfast I asked my dad to put the tv on or a movie on or something for the baby, to stop him crying. He obliged, and then finished getting ready and left. I hopped into the shower and started getting ready. I got out of the shower, and went over to check on the kids.

J greeted me at the door and said that there was a problem, that the baby was playing with the pen. Ok, I said. He showed me the pen. The tip was jammed into it, and it had ink running down the sides. Oh no.

I threw the pen away quick and came in to survey the damage. The entire windowsill looked like a murder scene - oh, did I mention? It was a red pen. One of the big yellow bouncy balls had red finger marks trailing down it, looking like some sort of demented murder weapon. The sill also had red fingerprints all over it. The baby smiled at me and took a swig from his juice cup, with red ink on it.. and then he waved at me. I had caught him red-handed. (Yes, I was working up to that pun.)

So I tried to clean it up. No go. It was not a children's crayola marker but an actual red pen, and as such as soon as the ink starts drying it becomes near-impossible to remove. I scrubbed at it, but to no avail.

The entire time as I'm doing this, I'm thinking that the room really smells like shit (Incidentally, WordPad has no fucking REDO button that I could see, just an UNDO, so I accidentally undid too many times and lost the last paragraph I typed. Le Grrr.....). Real, genuine shit, mind you, not just smelling bad. So I asked J if my dad had changed M like he said he was going to. He wasn't sure but he thought he had.

I got M's clean clothes and put him on the changing pad and opened up his pants. Yep, he had pooped. Fine. So I opened up his diaper and started to pull it off and realized the trail of poop went all the way to the top of the diaper. Oh no. I held him up and pulled the diaper out and went through a bunch of wipes wiping him off. There was a little left, but I got the worst of it, so I stood him up and took off his outer outfit. I turned him around and got ready to take off his undershirt and saw it... a brown stain extending up between his shoulders. Oh no. No, no, no.

I checked... and sure enough, there was a creamy streak of shit up his back. Needless to say, I cleaned it up, and cleaned him up, and got his changed. I threw the diaper and the undershirt away, put the rest of it in the laundry bin. Some things just aren't worth trying to salvage.

After that, I was doing something to get the kids ready, getting M's jacket or something, when I caught my finger against something and ripped the cut I got last night open again. Yay, blood. Fortunately it wasn't too bad a cut last night, fairly small, and so ripping it open didn't do much other than sting and bleed a little. Still, just what I needed, right?

I got us all ready and we headed out.

I dropped off M at daycare ("Uh... what is that, on his hands?" "Oh... *sigh*... just from a red pen." "Ah, ok.") and then dropped J off at school. "C'mere, give me a hug and a kiss" I said to him and opened up my arms. He slammed his head into me, as he was too busy watching another kid walk by to pay attention to the hug. "OW! Can't you even pay attention long enough to give me a hug?!" I calmed myself down, gave him a hug and kiss, and then walked back to the 162 bus stop. It was empty. DAMN. Empty bus stops mean missed buses. I started to walk back to the 163 bus stop, as the 162 stops running around that time. On the way I passed a guy walking to the 162 stop that said someone had told him there was another one coming. We went back and waited for a minute, then started walking back to the 163. The crossing guard told us there was one last 162 coming, so we went back and waited. I talked to my dad on the cell phone, told him J was timed out, asked him to get some coke, told him about the poop. He says he checked but his diaper was clean. Sigh. Finally, 10 minutes later, we gave up and realized they were all just wrong and waited for the 163.

The 163 came along. It was a local. I thought about it. "Fuck it, I'm already late." I hopped on. Here I am.

Bad, bad morning.


So I get to NYC and disembark from the bus. It's around 9:45 at this point. Fortunately I had called in and told my boss I'd be late. I went to the ticket booth to get my monthly pass for November, figuring I was already late and if I waited until tomorrow it'd be nearly impossible to get one. So I got it, and it went ok, although it took forever� and then she handed me a yellow ticket. Yellow? They're always blue with a pattern on them. This was plain yellow. If it didn't have the holographic strip down the side I'd think she had handed me a bad ticket. Still, it might just be a timebomb intended to carry some of my shitty morning today over into next month.

After that I walked down to the subway. I was just thinking that I had better pick up a new Metrocard soon when I swiped and was greeted with *INSUFFICIENT FARE*. Oh, bloody freaking hell all over again. I walked to the bank of Metrocard vending machines - they were all off and taped with caution tape. Great. I walked down to the other set. They were out of service too. I go to the ticket window. "I need a monthly pass." "$63." "Can I pay with credit card?" "No." "Are there any Metrocard machines working?" "Not on this side!" $^#%&#&#!!!

I walked down to one of the other nearby stations. There was one Metrocard machine, but it worked. Hallelujah. Incidentally using your credit card in them is too easy - you just select your ticket, dip it in the slot, and that's it. If you're looking to steal someone's card, grab a Metrocard or two, they'll come in handy (at least in NYC) and leave no trail and have no verification of id when you buy. Sweet.

Anyways I made it into work without further mishaps, but now I'm here and the network is down because they're trying to cut our T1 back over to the provider we had pre-Sept. 11th. Sigh.

Did I mention I was having a bad morning?

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