ntang (ntang) wrote,

I think I'm in love.

I was walking out to the deli to get a coke, and passed a guy wearing a shirt that said "I loved your mother" and reeking of pot. *sigh* How dreamy.

I got the coke w/ a winning bottle top - my 5th one so far, I believe. The korean woman saw it and said "Oh, you rucky" in a somewhat bitter tone. Yes, she really pronounced it just like that. I grinned and walked out. I don't think she was congratulating me.

Lunch today is brought to us by the letters "S" "U" "C" and "K". The interlopers we're letting use our room upstairs bought it today (apparently they're only doing it once a week, bastards) and they bought these big ass 6-foot sandwiches. Yay. So I took a piece of sandwich and some potato salad. Sigh. I'm so not in the mood for an "assorted meat" sandwich. I wouldn't mind a nice ham and mozzarella on a croissant w/ honey mustard sandwich, but the random meat on crusty hard to eat bread sandwich just doesn't do it for me.

Oh well. At least it's free. :)

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