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Whee! My soundcard came with a couple of games. One is Deus Ex Deluxe. Whatever, I have the original, and the deluxe edition doesn't give much extra except I think some multiplayer crap.

The other game is Giants: Citizen Kabuto. Basically, it's a shooter, but with a few differences. First off, you can get multiple people. As you rescue team mates they start going out with you on missions, and you get a (very) limited set of commands you can give them, which gives it a nice (if small) bit of strategy.

Secondly, it has three different playable races, each with fairly different gameplay (as I understand it).

Thirdly, it has a real plot and is actually quite funny.

The game starts off with a movie: a spaceship-thingy is flying by, with two armored beings inside. One is near/on the wing, preparing to drop down, when he looks around and realizes he's got no weapon or jetpack. He calls in "Don't close the hatch!". "Close the hatch? You got it!" He dives for it, it closes, the only thing that makes it in are his fingers. He howls and goes for a ride as he's pinned to the ship by the hatch closed over his fingers. He bangs on it, pointing frantically at his hands, and the pilot guy waves and says ok and opens the hatch... and freed, he flies off.

After a second he crashes into the ground - and that's where the game begins. You're that guy, armed with a laser pistol and nothing else. As the missions progress, you get more equipment - your jetpack, then a heavier gun, then other weapons and equipment... like the bush. Bush, you say? Yes, bush. You get a holographic bush that you can use to sneak past enemies. Turn it on, and you look like a bush. A moving bush. It's amusing.

Anyways, I've been having fun with that tonight. It's not the best game ever, and the difficulty on the last mission shot up - most missions I was able to get through on the first time playing carefully, or at worst on the 2nd or 3rd try. This latest mission's had me trying over and over again with no luck.

Gripes? The sound is good but not great, which seems silly on a game that ships with a soundcard. There's no save game - it auto-saves after each mission, and you can pick up by playing any mission you've finished, so it's not that much of a problem... except of course when you want to save mid-mission. Oh well, tough luck.

Anyways... enough babbling. If you're into action games, Giants is definitely worth checking out. If not, it's not. Simple as that. No real point to this post other than to give Giants a positive review.

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