ntang (ntang) wrote,

On offending people.

I was bothered for a long time by those people (comics, artists, poets, writers, speakers, whatever) that got attention because their work was all so offensive. It, well, offended me. What was the point of it? It's just making a spectacle of things and not actually accomplishing anything useful.

Well, I still don't like most of it, but I've begun appreciating the point of some of it in the past few months and even years.

When they offend you, they get your attention. A lot of times, they make you think. Most people don't really think about things, even when they're offended, but the ones that matter generally will.

That's the thing that I used to miss about the whole thing. Making people think. Now, don't get me wrong - a lot of people just offend people because they're stupid gits, but some of them really have something to say and they've just learned that by being a bit outrageous, by being a bit offensive, by going over the line, they pull people along with them and make them actually start using that little fecund blob of matter swishing around inside their skulls.

So, to everyone who has something to say and has learned that something offending people is the best way to make them listen to it and think about it: cheers.

The rest of you stupid, fat fucks can suck my pasty white rancid unwash'ed ass! ;)

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