ntang (ntang) wrote,


Went out and got Halloween costumes for the kids during my lunch break.

First, I checked Abracadabra, since they're so close. In the front of the store they had a lovely puking mannikin dressed like a drunk, which was sure to brighten up anyone's day. (It was leaning over a barrel, and every now and then greenish yellowish liquid would come spewing out into the barrel.)

Anyways, I went to the kids costume section. Ah! They had a Charmander (Pokemon) costume in kids sizes and a Blue (Blue's Clues) costume in toddlers' sizes. Yay! Then I noticed the price tags. The childrens' costumes ranged from $30 (for the cheap costumes) to $75 for the "better" costumes. I don't mean like King Midas costumes that come with real gold, I mean as in they are more popular. Charmander was only $30 (it was a very simple costume and I get the impression that Pokemon is out of date in most kids minds now). Blue was $60 (for a freaking TWO YEAR OLD's costume).

I left, twitching.

Then I walked down to 14th and went to Party City, or whatever it's called. I got J a Pokemon costume and M a Blue costume. Total price? Less than $60 for both, including tax. They were, incidentally, the same brand as was selling in the other store. The Blue costume was identical.

So I got their Halloween outfits. I think I'm going to go costumeless, or perhaps I'll take my cue from Wednesday Addams and dress as a homical maniac. ("They look just like everyone else." Ba-dum-bum *crash*)

Oh well, back to work.

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