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Ok, now that sucked.

The Giants dominated the first half (and most of the second), holding on to the ball, outdriving the Eagles by something like 3x as many yards, and outscoring them 9-0. Then... nothing. The Giants didn't do a single damn thing afterwards. The Eagles scored 10 points in the 4th and won it, just like that.

The Giants had the yardage and were in position to score, oh, 4-5 times. They could've put 35 points on the board, realistically. They came up with 9. Damnit. That pisses me off, this is a frustrating team to watch. Their defense was awesome tonight, their offense good if not great, but they just DIDN'T SCORE. What the hell do you say to that? They got 99% of the way to scoring a dozen times but never drove it in. Christ.

I stayed up past midnight for this? Sigh.
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