ntang (ntang) wrote,

A note to those who've friended me...

...probably half of my entries, maybe more, are friends-only. Most of them aren't particularly sensitive, but some of them are. SO: chances are, in time, I will friend you. However, if I don't, don't take offense. Even if I do, it generally takes time - I have to be comfortable with you reading those protected entries. Want to be friended faster? Comment in my LJ. Chat with me on AIM. Get to know me and let me get to know you, and once I've got that comfort level, I'll friend you.

See? Easy, no? Yes. And anyways, you're missing some of the best posts. If you like reading my journal's public entries, you'll LOVE reading the friends-only entries. 100,000,000* people can't be wrong!

P.S. I really am flattered that you find my LJ interesting, and I appreciate it. Really! Thanks. :)

* - Approximate figures only. May vary depending on time of day and season of year.

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