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Night out

So I had a night out tonight. Nothing too crazy, but fun.

Met up with penchantnyc after work, and we went down to the village and had beef/lamb doner pita sandwiches at some place whose name I forget, a tiny little hole in the wall, but the food was good, and only $5.50 including a can of soda.

After that we went and got some gelato, and then walked over to the movie theater (Loew's on 11th and 3rd). He had passes to get into the advance screening of "The Sleeping Dictionary". Click the link to read more about it. It's coming out in June, apparently, so this was a very advanced screening.

We met up with mage67 (I think that's his lj username) at the theater and waited for the movie. While in line a cute Asian walked up behind us, fretting over lacking a ticket for one of her friends. Since we had an extra, we gave it to her friend. If I had known it was going to be open like that I'd have invited my brother in law, but I thought it was 30+ (I was just going to lie, and I look close enough that we figured we'd have a good shot of getting in). It turns out it wasn't 30+, just the person distributing the passes had apparently filled their quota of 20-somethings to see it and was looking for some "older" people. Once you had the pass, though, you were in. D'oh.

Anyways, we got in, and the movie was pretty decent. It's set in Malaysia and has the most gorgeous, lush backdrops you've seen. Rainforests and rivers and the like, really beautiful. Reminds me of my time in Costa Rica. It has Bob Hoskins and Jessica Alba. For those that don't know her, she's the chick from Dark Angel, the tv series, and in my opinion is pretty hot. She gets naked in it too - schwing! ;)

The movie has a so-so beginning, gets good, and then has a rather crappy ending I thought. Still, I did enjoy it, and I would recommend it. The visuals were excellent (both the jungle shots and the naked Jessica Alba shots), the music was good, and I thought the plot and acting and story and such were surprisingly good. It was apparently shot for $15 million in 6 months, and was a lot better than your average $50 million "summer blockbuster" crap. It's a romance, basically, with a little action (very little), some drama, some humor (not outright comedy, though). A fun watch, if a bit cliched and predictable at times. And some new British actor who I'm sure all the girls will swoon over.

After the movie, we filled out surveys on the movie (part of the "price" of the movie) and then went on our ways.

Had a good time hanging out with penchantnyc earlier and a decent time after as well. Good night overall.

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