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I'm getting really pissy about having to deal with pro-war people. I don't believe war is the answer, and I'm tired of people telling me it is. Yeah, sure, we're being careful. That's why we killed at least 4 UN workers and blew up a Red Cross facility. And that's just the shit that gets reported over here, I'm sure we've done a lot more than just that by "accident". Fuckers.

I got forwarded that email going around about what to do if you talk to someone who's against retaliation. And it basically says while they go off on their shpiel, punch them in the face. Tell them they can't retaliate, as it's against their beliefs, and then repeat that until they realize their errors.

That has nothing to do with the "war" we're in now, and anyone who thinks so is a fucking idiot. There's such a HUGE difference between punching someone back after THEY specifically punch YOU, and between bombing an entire country after a terrorist who is hiding out in that country convinced some lackeys of his to crash a few planes into our buildings.

Someone posted about how some (retired?) general said that their body count was nowhere near ours, and so we should shut up about it. So it's OK to murder innocents as long as we're just trying to even up the score? Does he realize how bloody fucking STUPID that is? HELLO? So that means if a US citizen went overseas and blew up some building, killing hundreds or thousands of people, that the country he did that in would be justified in bombing us until they had killed a similar number of people. Right? SURE, of course. :P Bet it'd be different if those innocents were US citizens. Then again, when we blew up the UN WORKERS and RED CROSS FACILITY maybe we did take out some US citizens working abroad, but we'll probably never know as they're probably in pieces now, just like some of the people caught in the blast on September 11th.

Stupid fucks. Stupid stupid stupid.


(Sorry, I'm growing increasingly touchy about this whole fucking subject.)

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