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False alarms suck. I s'pose it could be worse - something could be genuinely broken - but I get paged as I'm about to shower, so I turn it off and get a comfy jacket on (my old L'ville Karate jacket, yay, it's so nice and comfy, although I'm sure I look like a total dork wearing a jacket that says "Lawrenceville Karate" on the back. Oh well.) and sit down in front of the computer, shivering (it's cold in here, and my dad's boxes are blocking the way to the heater... so I can't turn it on. D'OH!) and turn it on and sigh and sit through the booting process and get annoyed and load up my trusty Mozilla and open the Netsaint status page and there's the problem in bright red. So I log into the network and start poking around and *BEEEP BEEEP* my cell phone beeps with an incoming text message. I sigh and read it. RECOVERY. The problem's gone. DAMNIT.

So then I start reading my LJ friends page, too annoyed to run back into the shower quite yet. And now I'm done and I'm going in.


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