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I'm finding myself in a decent mood, despite some good efforts to the contrary.

Got home today to find a birthday present waiting for me along with a short but very sweet note. Thanks you. :) It was a real pick me up... I hadn't gotten any presents this year for my birthday, what with everyone I know going through shit and having no money or whatever, and I hadn't realized how nice it can feel to get a present, some acknowledgement of it. So that brought a smile to my face, thanks. :) I watched 5 episodes already (the Clerks animated series DVD). :)

Then I was helping my dad. I love him a lot, and all of that good stuff, but having him here is incredibly stressful, and I feel bad, because I'm much more stressed because of it than circumstances warrant. Oh well. We've sort of got a bit of history, y'know, he's known me like practically since I was born and all. :P

So anyways I spent a couple of hours helping him get his windows machine onto my network, which was more stress (for a while it was bluescreening on boot! icks), and time taken up when I could've been watching my dvd or playing a computer game or chatting... speaking of chatting, I finally saw weetanya online and had a nice (albeit short) pair of conversations with her. Hullo.

Heard about my brother in law's toothache (due to a broken tooth... damn the pizza's eyes!), and suggested he put the next piece through a blender and drink it... heh, I'm a jackass.

Oh, and had a small cup of port. My dad couldn't find my preferred brand of port (Taylor Fladgate, yay) so he got me some other type that was very highly rated. It's pretty decent, although I think TF is much better for the price (or much cheaper for the same quality, depending on how you look at it).

So there were ups and downs but a reasonably nice set of ups, so that was good. Overall I'd give tonight a positive rating, although just barely.

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