ntang (ntang) wrote,

Movie previews

So before Iron Monkey last night, they had a preview for the upcoming Jet Li flick, Crouching Matrix, Hidden Highlander... er... I mean, The One.

Looked sort of fun, but can you say derivative? Apparently not only can they say it, but they make it a way of life. Mix in matrix-style action, with a multiple dimensional sliders idea, where each time he kills himself in an alternate dimension he (and the remaining versions of himself) go through the quickening and get their powers ala Highlander. And, for kicks (bad pun, sorry, it wasn't originally intentional) throw in a Hong Kong action star who has moves like you wouldn't believe but speaks english like a 3 year old, since we're looking for pure action.

Shake well.

What do you get? The One.

Still, it looks like it'll be a lot of fun, although I'm worried my brains will melt from watching it.

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