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My dad had enough stuff to fill up a 24 foot truck. That's around... 7 meters? Maybe a little more.

We started at around 12 noon, filled it by around 3 or 3:30, with 7 people. Then 3 had to go. We got stuck in traffic, arrived at my place, fought with the guards because the mgmt. office forgot to let them know I was moving in, ate, and finally started moving in at 6:30 or so. We finished at around 10:30 pm, 4 people moving in a 24 foot truck full of furniture and boxes (mostly books, sigh). I'm sore.

My apartment has no space left in it. I insisted nothing get put in the kids room so it's still fine, but the entire living room (something like 400 square feet of it) is filled with boxes. He has to go through, find the stuff he can live without, and either throw it away or put it in storage over the next 3 weeks, so we can move the rest downstairs.

Sigh. But, hey. I'll post more about it later, there were some good things, and a few amusing things.

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