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Heh, cool.

So, I gave my friend Mary (the long-lost friend who I hadn't talked to for over 15 years before she emailed me out of the blue a few weeks ago) my phone number, and tonight she called to wish me a happy birthday and chat and such.

It's funny, when she first called, she just said "Happy Birthday" or something similar. And I said something like, "Er... thanks." I had no idea what it was - I haven't heard her voice for over 15 years and it sounded just a bit different back then. ;)

She called me from Target - she was out shopping for some stuff for her bed (sheets and the like). We started talking while she was in Target, then she paid for her stuff and called me back once she was on the road, then talked to me the entire drive home (only like 15 minutes) and then as she was going around doing things, putting the laundry on, etc. All in all we talked for at least 2 hours, I think.

It was pretty nifty. Strange, too, how easily we've just been able to chat and email and now talk on the phone, as if we had stayed in touch the whole time. Kinda cool.

Anyways, I'm off to bed now. G'nite all, and thanks again to everyone.
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