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Your IQ Test of the week.
Test your mental fitness in just 10 minutes! Find out if you are fast and sharp-witted.

Logic Area Results: 75%
It's a very good score, Nicholas, and it shows you know exactly what you're doing. Usually, how you do in this category indicates how you'll do in the next test categories. Expect a few mistakes from time-to-time, but you will see that you'll improve with practice.

Verbal Area Results: 100%
Not a single mistake. You have an exceptional grasp of language and you really showed it in this test. Hopefully, you will be able to repeat this stellar performance in the next categories as well. Good luck!

Numerical Area Results: 100%
You conquered all of the problems without making any mistakes. Pay attention, the tests in this category vary. Are you sure that you'll do as brilliantly the next time?

Visual Area Results: 100%
You have highly developed perceptual abilities. And most impressively, even the similar presentations did not confuse you. To make sure that you have conquered this category, it's important that you test your abilities again and again.

Global Results: 93%
There's really nothing to say. It's too easy for you, Nicholas. Your mind is a well-oiled machine. You evaded the trick questions and cleared all of the difficult obstacles. Sharp, intelligent, astute are all words that describe you. Hopefully, you managed all this brilliance while staying within the designated time limits. Be honest!

I just wish they'd show the answers and an explanation for the one you got wrong. It was a logic question, showing 3 dominoes and asked what the fourth one should be.
The first was 0/1 (i.e. no dots on top, 1 on the bottom), the next was 1/2, then 6/1. What should the fourth one have been? I'm pretty sure I know now, but I put the wrong answer in when I did it. Oh well.
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