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Should you dump your mate?
If you are even thinking of dumping your mate, you better take this test!

Thanks for the memories

Ever hear the expression, fish or cut bait, Nicholas? Well until you clear up some of those nagging doubts about your relationship, you may just as well keep on trolling, because you are definitely caught up in a "relationship rut." In spite of the fact that your partner has many fine attributes, you are still unsure about the future of this relationship, so the real question is what are you going to do about it? The time to face the music is now, because this relationship is not working out the way you had planned. If you want to make it happen, go for it! The first thing, is to commit yourself to communicating openly, making sure that you and your partner want the relationship to work. If not, then cut bait, and learn from your mistakes.

Holy shit, ya think? ;)

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