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This isn't going to be a very concrete day, Nicholas. You may ask yourself just what your purpose is here on planet Earth. You may feel oddly disconnected. The only thing you know for sure is that you would like more freedom. But something, you don't know what, is holding you back. What's stopping you from grabbing the freedom you say you want? Look for the answer to this question today.

Hmmm.... interesting.

With the Moon opposite Neptune, this is a good day for letting go of the past. You might be trying to quit an old habit or release a negative attitude that has haunted you. This is the perfect time to be firm with yourself. Reprogram your mind to focus on positive actions and emotions. Stop smoking right now, or cut back on your drinking. Or you might decide to slim down and to start exercising more.

Oh shit, busted. ;)

Today, you will have to choose a new and original path that is off the beaten track, Nicholas. Your desire for independence and need for liberty are becoming pathological and this will push you to refuse making any professional or sentimental commitments. This behavior should isolate you and lead you to having a certain amount of solitude. However, you shouldn't be worried about all this because the current vibrations are finally speaking of success and this should give you some vigor. It's only a question of being patient now!

Well, I guess that sounds good, overall.

My biorhythm:
It is extra important that you take care of yourself today, Nicholas. You have reached the Critical Point in this cycle. The risks of you getting hurt or ill are much greater. Watch your step and avoid hasty and reckless actions.

EMOTIONAL: + 62% Increasing
While many think that it is the down times that make you feel vulnerable, it can also happen when you are feeling good. Take care that you do not step into a situation that could result in a disappointment.

INTELLECTUAL: - 95% Decreasing
Staying focused is a real challenge when the curve is this low. Try drowning out background noise and other distractions. Pulling the blinds or turning on some music can help keep you on track.

Great... apparently today's an idiot day for me. Well, last night certainly was anyways. :)

(All of the above from Astrocenter.)

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