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Jesus, this is fucking horrible. I was reading a message on the Sun Managers mailing list (a list for sun/solaris admins basically) and saw this sig:

+== Debbie Tropiano ==  Mommy to Nathan 8/17/95 & ^Sara^ 10/25/00-11/7/00 ==+
|       God shows His opposition to cancer and birth defects, not by        |
|       eliminating them or making them happen only to bad people (He       |
|       can't do that), but by summoning forth friends and neighbors to     |
|       ease the burden and to fill the emptiness.  -- Harold S. Kushner    |
+== debbie@icus.com  =============  URL http://www.icus.com/personal.html ==+
If you're feeling brave, follow the link, and click on Sara's page. It's painful, it really is. And then this song comes on, how bitterly appropriate. I feel sick.

What is wrong with this world? God, how could people go through that and make it out sane? To watch my baby die after a couple of weeks alive... it would rip my heart out, I don't know how I could go on. Then again, she has another child, she has to go on for him.

Life sucks sometimes, it really does. I'm so glad my sons are happy and healthy, some days it's the only thing that keeps me sane. I feel so bad for her.

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