ntang (ntang) wrote,

A new week...

So I'm at work. It's Columbus Day and my son is here with me at work. It's sort of unfortunate, because he's bored out of his mind, I'm distracted from work, and neither of us is happy. I hate it when businesses stay open while schools are closed, and vice versa. It's just annoying, and frustrating.

It'd be nice if every place had the same holidays, or at least if they didn't if there was some sort of daycare or something for those days. I wouldn't mind paying a little extra, maybe $50 a month, to have the school take my son even during the holidays, or at least some holidays. The ones I'm at work, basically. When I'm at home it's nice to have him home, he's old enough so it's easy to take care of him and it can be a lot of fun spending time with him.

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