ntang (ntang) wrote,


Just went to lunch and got myself chicken tikka masala, and naan (POW!). Before that, though, I closed out my old checking account (BIFF!) and spent $154 and change at the Children's Place on winter clothing (KA-BLAM!).

Kids are way too damn expensive. On the upside, though, for ever $50 you spend you get a $25 coupon, so I now have $75 off my next purchase. The original total was $148 but I noticed it before she swiped my card and so I threw on another 3-pack of socks and got an extra $25 for that. So, free socks! ;) (SOCKO!)

I have to say: chicken tikka masala on fresh naan is like a piece of heaven. A somewhat spicy piece that left a red mark on my pants where I splashed some, damnit. First day all week I'm not in head-to-toe black and I get that on my pants. God damnit. I'm buying all black from now on, this is bogus. (BLAT!)

Heaven stains.

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