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My posts recently have been boring. Recently being from somewhere around the time I created my journal, give or take a few days. This distresses me.

I've been thinking about it, and I think it's half because I'm just inherently boring, and half because my life is just boring.

Now, I say that with some reservations. I don't think I'm entirely inherently boring, but I'm quiet and conservative and shy, and that tends to lead to boredom. My life certainly isn't boring for me, but it's not-boring in a busy trying to stay sane while the admittedly fairly boring events of my life try to swamp and overturn me. Face it, most people don't much want to read about changing diapers, or paying bills, or staring at perl, or trying to beat some sense into a junior admin (or two). Having an AIM conversation with a friend might be interesting for me, and hopefully is for the friend, but it rarely gives me much fuel for an interesting, thought provoking LJ post.

So this gives rise to the next thought/question - why are people still reading it? I know in some cases it's because I've got friends who are far-off and so this is the easiest way they have of keeping in contact with them - so even if my life is boring, it's my life, and they're my friend, so they have some vested interest in staying up-to-date with it.

The other reason I can think of is because there must be some content in there which isn't boring. Now, that can mean a few things. I figure most of my non-boring stuff either falls into the "actually interesting" category, or it falls into the "boring, but something you care about, so it's still worth reading" category. The whole far-off-friend-keeping-in-touch idea ties in closely with the 2nd category.

So I looked around a bit, curious as to what fell into the first category. There is, in fact, some interesting stuff in my journal, but I realized something that was rather depressing: most of the interesting, worthwhile content was not in fact mine. Tests and quizzes, which are less interesting for the results as they are simply for the link so people can take them themselves. Links to news stories and articles of interest. Pics (and links to pics) of my overwhelmingly adorable children, who are simply so mind-bogglingly cute and charming that people can't help but be enthralled by them.

Finally, there's one other factor, the one thing that I think saves me: the lowest common denominator. From an independent study I ran a few weeks ago, I discovered that approximately 300,000 of the active livejournal accounts are in fact kept by 13 year olds that listen to Marilyn Manson and talk about how they're going to kill themselves because the cute boy in social studies didn't ask them out or because their parents wouldn't let them go out to a movie after 10 pm. Compared to most of their livejournals, a blank LJ would be interesting. Thank God, or I'd be really screwed.

So, since I've lost track of why I started this post, let me wrap it up. To all of you who've friended me and found a reason to read my journal: thanks. Sucks to be you, but thanks.

Update: Oh shit, I forgot the obvious one. You all love reading about what I eat for lunch.

I had lasagna today, incidentally.

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