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Wow, what a long morning.

Got the kids up early, dropped the baby off at the daycare early, then took J to school and sat with him until 8. He has to learn not to worry so much about being liked - that adorable little girl he likes to play with, who he's been having doubts about (she runs away from him a lot, giggling, when they're playing, and so he thinks she doesn't like him. I'd tend to disagree.) ran by him this morning and waved and giggled a bit, and I asked why he didn't chase her, and he said it was because he wasn't sure she liked him. So I told him I was pretty sure she did, and to go over and play with her, and so he did start to run after her, and then when she saw him coming close she giggled and shrieked and ran away and he chased her and she giggled and ran... you get the idea. I think she likes him just fine.

After that I picked up M from the daycare and hopped on the next bus into the city. It was bitterly cold. He was surprisingly good on the bus, being fairly quiet and relaxed the entire time - extra impressive since there was an accident and so traffic was hell and the bus ride took TWICE as long as usual (around an hour and 20 minutes total vs. the 45 minutes or so it SHOULD take). We got into the city, walked to the subway, hopped on, rode it to 72nd, and then walked to the doctor.

At the doctor he was good until he saw the needles, then he started crying. He got his two shots, and then within five minutes (less time actually) he was calm and relaxed again. When I took him out of the office he waved and said goodbye to the nurses, including the one that helped hold him down - so he obviously wasn't too upset or holding any grudges.

After that we hopped on the subway, and I looked in shock as it sped past 42nd Street. Excuse the #$%#$^ out of me, but what just happened? There were a bunch of other similarly confused people who got off at 34th and wondered. It turns out there was a police investigation so the 1/2/3/9 weren't stopping at 42nd temporarily. So I sighed, and walked up to the bus station with the baby... and missed it by less than 5 minutes. DAMN. If the subway had stopped we would've made it.

So we waited... and waited. M was growing increasingly uncomfortable and restless, and was starting to get a bit hot. In retrospect I should've realized why* sooner, but I didn't. So finally after 40 minutes of waiting the bus arrived and we hopped on.

And then, after 5 minutes on the bus, the screaming started. He was screaming, and writhing, and screaming, and writhing, and I couldn't calm him down. He was sweating, and his forehead was burning hot, so I pulled off his sweater and unzipped the front of his outfit and turned the vents directly at him, but it didn't help. He was screaming and carrying on, and I couldn't just let go and let him go flying out of the seat, so we had a very unpleasant wrestling match. After a while the bus driver asked me to move to the back, because he couldn't concentrate on driving with the baby like that, so I told him next time he stopped I'd move. He did, and I got up and carried him, howling, towards the back... and then the bus started up again. Asshole couldn't be bothered to wait for me to get anywhere close to the back, so I just snarled and threw our stuff into the first open two-seater and sat down with him. It was the handicapped seating, so it had more foot room, and this time I didn't struggle, I just let him sit on the floor crying. The cute young woman in the seats behind me (saw her a few times before, actually, she's got a daughter or niece or something, a cute lil girl) offered a cookie, but I told her thanks but it wouldn't help as he was feeling sick. After a few minutes he calmed down and went to whimpering. I think it was t he fact that a nice stiff breeze from the bus AC was whipping along the floor and so it was the coolest spot. His fever also was helped by the fact that he finally stopped writhing around.

We finally got to our stop, and I got packed up and hauled him off, with his crying resumed. I carried him, crying, the rest of the way to the daycare and dropped him off. That was the most hellish bus ride I've been on in a long, long time.

Anyways. Time to eat lunch and get to work. Appointment today at 3 pm to see the apartment on 8 - if it's ok I think I'll request that they just write up the lease today, I don't want to wait lest it disappear from my greedy grasp.

* - Why? Because he just got pumped up with two separate vaccinations. Getting one often gives fevers and aches and a feeling of sickness, especially in children. Two gives a double-whammy - not to mention the (admittedly mild) pain from getting stabbed twice, once in each leg. Add in the fact that he had been so good all morning, and by that point had burned through most of his patience, and it shouldn't be surprising.

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