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I'm getting very bitter and tired.

I spent a while reading a bunch of LJ posts, jumping from journal to journal based on interesting posts and comments. Having done this for about an hour I've put myself in a terrible, cynical, bitter mood.

I'm tired of idiots. I'm tired of being an idiot.

I read several posts/comments both talking about how we should go to war and damn the consequences, and several saying we should not go to war and damn the consequences, and several more moderate interjections from people that often seemed less inspired. All I can say is to hell with all of them.

I'm tired of patriotism. I'm tired of being told that I should have to say the pledge of allegiance and should act like a loyal and faithful American and support GW in this tragic time. FUCK THAT! Our country's better than that, it's stronger than that. We just had the twin towers ripped from the skyline and we can't survive a dissenting opinion? Whatever happened to this being the land of the free? The reason I love this bloody place so much is because of that freedom.

I tend to be bitter and cynical on a good day. People regularly comment on that, on all of the complaining I do, of how angry and (again) bitter I seem all the time. I don't want to wear a flag pin, I don't want to proclaim the greatness of America and how much we all love our minority-selected "leader". I'm tired of being told I should play follow the leader and toe the line.

I'll talk back if I want to, and I'll complain if I want to! If you don't like it, tough. It's still a free country. For now, anyways.

Getting very tired. Time to hit el sacko.

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