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Nudge nudge, wink wink

I can't stand it when people don't take a hint.

I was reading a friend-of-a-friend's page, and saw this entry. It struck a chord in me, because that's exactly the sort of thing my wife would do at times. The difference being where he was happy because his woman (excuse the possessive, but it's the easiest way to express it - if it makes you happy, I'm sure he's her man too) had done that, and I... would not be.

Each time my wife would try something like this, my glare would get louder (sometimes there's no better way to describe a glare, especially the ones I've been known to throw) and louder and she'd get more and more determined to do it, sometimes I think just to piss me off. She'd be wrestling with the wrapper, a stubborn, somewhat impish look on her face, and I'd be radiating a glare strong enough that people would be edging away from us and putting on their sunglasses, and she'd just keep coming.

I, for all of my talk of honesty and straightforwardness, tend to prefer subtlety most of the time. I'd much rather drop a subtle hint, have it picked up on, and have everything work out, than have to outright point out what's bothering me. I will, if I need to, but I really don't like doing it. I like smoothing the waves, not stirring them up.

My relationship with my wife was especially difficult because of that. Some of the hints I drop can be very subtle, and she was bullheaded and blinded by her stubborn nature in her agreeable moods. When she gets in a bad mood, look out. She sure as hell won't be.

[lost my train of thought... another post coming up]

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