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Cold and wet.

That was my day today. Went to the renn faire (well, medieval faire they called it) at the Cloisters today, with my son. Met up with penchantnyc, reverend_dave, and eideteker while there, and hung around with them for the day.

It was cold and wet, and so hard to enjoy, but it was still decent. The best events were "the Living Chess Match", which was basically Archon with characters like Robin Hood and Sir Lancelot, the Crimson Pirates, who sang a bunch of fun sailor- and pirate-themed songs, and then the last event, the Grand Joust, which was pretty fun.

Johnathan spent most of the time either being really shy or eviscerating eideteker and reverend_dave with the toy sword I bought him. He ate a lot, too, two hotdogs, some popcorn, a Gatorade, and I think some other stuff but I can't remember what. At the bus station I bought him a slice of pizza and some lemonade, too. Then he had some french fries and chicken nuggets when he got home. It seemed like he ate a lot anyways when I was watching him, but looking back it doesn't seem like nearly as much. Oh well.

He was bored for a lot of it, but he had some fun and seemed happy with his day when we got home, so it was a success. I'm tired.

Going to go put him to bed now and then I dunno. Probably catch up on the fact that I haven't LJ'd much this weekend, and then... go to bed? Do the bills? Something along those lines. I need to drop off my rent check tomorrow morning, can't forget that. Got a bunch of bills due next week, too, that I should get out in the next day or two to make sure they aren't late. Then I also have to change the account my auto-paid bills pull from, and close my old bank account out. Hmmm. Tomorrow is going to be busy, and that's not even including actually going to work and doing work.

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