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My recent journal entries have sucked. The great thing is, I don't think it's gonna be changing anytime soon.

The last few times I've sat down and tried to write something I've had something close to writer's block... I can sit here, typing, but nothing comes out. Or rather, nothing worth posting comes out. It even annoys me, reading some of this. Sigh. Let's give it one last shot.

So, I went to work this morning. This is not unusual. I got to work and headed into the final day of our oracle (actually Oracle PL/SQL programming) class. Today was a "bonus" class on performance tuning, both the DB as a whole and also more specifically any PL/SQL or SQL code we have.

I went and got a coke out of the fridge (and took one of our "class cokes" off the counter and put it in to replace it - yeah, I'm silly, but someone might have stuck that coke in the fridge for themselves, and while I don't mind swapping it for a warm one (like anyone but me drinks coke at 9 in the morning) I didn't feel right just taking it outright) and the nuked (aka "microwaved") a cha siu bao (aka "roast pork bun") and sat down with my laptop at the desk and booted it up. The guy sitting next to me looked at it and asked what it was, so I said "My breakfast." Yeah, I knew what he was asking, but it was 9 in the morning. He apparently didn't realize this fact, so he asked me again, explaining that he was asking what it actually was. I told him it was a roast pork bun, so he said "Oh" or something similar, and then went back to his computer and to whatever he was doing.

I ate my breakfast.

After that the class finally started, and so I opened up AIM and started chatting. (Yeah, I know, I should've been paying attention but I was tired and just not in the mood this morning. Also, I was checking every slide and there was nothing particularly useful or interesting in most cases, and I did stop and pay attention briefly when we hit those parts.)

Hmmmm. The CTO brought our lunch up early, because it arrived early - Pronto Pizza. The pizza was good, but once again he bought two veggie pies (i.e. throw every single non-meat topping on top), which even the vegetarians didn't want to eat. So we polished off the two plain pies, the sausage pie, and the pepperoni pie, and I believe 2 pieces of the 2 veggie pies were eaten. Damnit. At least today we didn't get raided as early - last time we got pizza, other people in the company started coming up and eating all our pizza. I got the 2 slices I wanted that day, but I know some other people in the class didn't get as much as they wanted (i.e. more than 2 slices). Today I was hungrier, so I ate 3 slices.

Is this entry boring you too?

So then some other stuff happened. Um, yeah. (Consider that the literary livejournalary version of a big bubble saying "A little while later..." in a comic book.)

When the class was over, I took my stuff downstairs and threw my jacket on and headed out to Toys R Us. My son has a birthday party to attend tomorrow, and I'll be damned if I'm sending him in without some ammo. Even if the mother did say "Oh, you don't need to get him anything", I don't buy it. Or rather, I was buying it anyway, because I didn't buy it. Get it?

Right. I arrived in Herald Square (yeah, I love my job, I just up and walked off and no one mentioned anything... we're very informal there) and walked to the Toys R Us and found it missing. Gone. I asked one of the local rent-a-cops where it went, and he said they moved it down to 14th Street. DAMNIT. That's on the other side of where I work (21st St., and I was currently at 34th). I sighed, and stared at the papered over windows, and headed back for the subway, when suddenly (cut to closeup on my eye) I realized that there was another toy store nearby - the KB Toys in the Manhattan Mall. I went in, dodging people (I swear, the people who mill around Herald Square are the dumbest people in all of Manhattan, they can't even figure out how to walk. Walking in NYC is easy: you walk fast, and aggressively. Standing around gaping is a no-no, unless you like getting elbowed and shoved. "That's so mean!" you think. "No wonder people think New Yorkers are mean! You are!" All I can say to that is shut up before I elbow you too.) and found the toy store. Jackpot. I went in and looked - D'OH! The selection was terrible. I got a few consolation prizes and went back to work.

Once I got to work I wrote a script they've been asking me to write for a while (a real simple one, too, I should've done it before, but I've been in a weird funk recently) and then we had a fire alarm and then I went home.

Did some more stuff once I got home. Blah blah blah.

I just helped my brother in law set up his website and now we're sitting here listening to the Bloodhound Gang. I haven't listened to them for a while. I'm tired, but I don't want to go to sleep. Feeling a little grumpy and a little melancholy. Sigh.

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