ntang (ntang) wrote,


First good news in quite a while: the building I'm in has a 3 bedroom coming open on Nov. 1st. My lease on this one expires Oct. 31st. Not only can I move (they aren't giving me shit about the fact that I renewed my lease already) but they will give me a few days or a week to move after the other people move out without charging me double-rent even though I'll be double-occupying for a few days.

Not only that, but it's 200 sq. ft. larger, and only $200 more a month. So now my dad, my kids, and I will all have our own private bedroom, we'll have more space overall, and it won't cost much more to get it.


I have enough stress to knock out an elephant.

In other news, the food they served for lunch was so nasty... bad chinese food, and it made me a feel a bit sick and gave me a nasty headache. Never done it to me before, wonder what I reacted to. Blerg. Mildly dizzy too.

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