ntang (ntang) wrote,

Class day 2

2nd day of class. I thought it went better, they actually used my suggestion.

This morning, though, was hell.

So after getting thoroughly sloshed last night (and it caused me to realize just how much your mental state is involved in getting plastered; when you want to get drunk, you do get drunk much more easily. I really wanted to get drunk and forget about shit and whatever, so I did. I think looking back that had I been less anxious to get drunk I probably wouldn't have. I dunno.) I woke up almost on time, just like 5 minutes after my alarm went off.

Got out the door a few before 8; dropped off my son at the school at like 8:10 or so, and then waited ... and waited... and waited for the bus. It showed up a bit before 9 if I remember correctly. When we got on, it was standing room only. Why? Because there was an accident on the highway and so the buses weren't running as frequently or as quickly as normal, which is why we had to wait so damn long to get it. The bus continued stocking up until it had 70 passengers - they only seat 49, although one got off, so there were 20 people standing. We stood and rode for like an hour, while I felt extremely nauseous from hunger and car sickness, and then finally arrived in NYC a little after 10, and I wolfed down a bagel while walking to the subway. Got into work around 10:15 or 10:30, while class started at 9. Fortunately I apparently didn't miss much, and so had a decent day in class regardless.

And now, here I am.

Methinks the fates were playing a cruel trick on my as revenge for my excess last night. Oh well.

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