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Reality is stranger than fiction...

...well, if anyone hasn't heard the latest twist and turn in the soap opera I refer to as my existence, let me fill you in.

My father, having been unemployed for a while, will be moving in with me. Yes, that's right - my dad will be moving in with me. Yes. My place. He will be the one getting supported.

I'm saying this not to mock him but just out of a bit of disbelief, still. Honestly it's still settling in. I figured at some point, sure, when he's 80, but not yet.

He's been having a hard time, and this will give him a chance to get his life in order, get a new job, etc. While he's here, he's going to help take care of the kids so I don't have to pay for daycare or whatever, and hopefully I'll use part of the money saved to get a 3 bedroom so he can have his own room, as well as the kids, and of course myself.

It's still really weird. So, now, I'm a 24 year old single father of two children, going through a divorce, in considerable debt, supporting my father, was a mile away from death two weeks ago, and am working as the senior sys admin at one of the largest web sites in the world.

Yeah, my high school buds are never going to believe a word of it for my 10th reunion. I have trouble believing it myself sometimes. To think I was a good little boy, singing in the church choir, doing the whole Scout thing, you name it. Heh, bet no one from back then would believe where I am now.


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